Form Includes

Django Suit provides handy shortcut to include templates into forms for several positions (top, middle and bottom).

Under the hood: Suit includes are nothing but a shortcut. The same can be achieved by extending change_form.html and hooking into particular blocks. Suit includes can be used in combination with or without Form tabs.

Each suit_form_includes item can contain 3 parameters:

  1. Path to template (Required)
  2. Position: (Optional)
  • top - above fieldsets:
  • middle - between fieldsets and inlines
  • bottom - after inlines (Default)
  1. Specify TAB_NAME if using in combination with Form tabs (Optional)


from django.contrib import admin
from .models import Country

class CountryAdmin(admin.ModelAdmin):
    suit_form_includes = (
        ('admin/examples/country/custom_include.html', 'middle', 'cities'),
        ('admin/examples/country/tab_info.html', '', 'info'),